Saturday, 5 March 2011

Animation Tests

Shot 22.
A few touch ups needed here and there, but happy with most of it. Arche1 will be in the foreground in the final version.

Shot 17.
This shot is where the characters get a little over excited at the sound of the alarm clock. Still working on perfecting WeeTwo. :)


  1. Looking great guys! Loving the way WeeTwo moves!

  2. This is brilliant, can't wait to see it :D

  3. I think it might be worth putting in some facial animation on the second clip, even a couple of blinks. The animation is great but his face looks a little lifeless with those half closed eyes... that's me nit-picking though.

  4. Thanks guys! :)

    You make a good point Kieran...there will be blinking ect we just need to get that animated and applied. :)

  5. We were thinking of hiding WeeTwo's hand (Shot 22) when he leans out from the wall, instead of having him balance on it. Let us know what you think!

  6. Looking good guys!
    The grey guy works really well, his odd crabby movements suit him perfectly. You could possibly push his up and down motion a bit further, just to really exaggerate the extreme poses and make him feel stretchy (sadly without the strechy spine).

    The general pacing and weight of weetwo is really tight. I like the little double hop on the right foot as he comes towards the wall.
    He seems to exit view a little too quickly, almost like you're forcing him off screen to hit a key frame timing. I would give him a few more frames to get behind the wall, just so he doesn't feel rushed (even though he is running).
    I think his hands need to feel heavier, kinda have them slap down wrist first and then have the fingers flop down afterwards. They seem a bit static and flat at the moment The first swing of his right arm works really well, but the others feel a bit snappy (especially the left arm as he gets to the corner). I think they would benefit from all having the same delayed, dragged-behind laggy feel. You should also try having one of his arms behind him as he goes behind the wall, so the last part of him you see is a trailing wavey hand.

    And that hair... just magic!

    (if you're really looking for this kind of picky animation feedback, it would help if you have frame numbers displayed in the playblast, so people can say "frame 42 make him upside down" or whatever)

  7. Hey Paul...great feedback, thanks for that!

    I agree with what your saying...especially about WeeTwo. I think after the double hop, the animatin gets a little weaker. I seem to think he exits to slow!? Well, the last jump that takes him behind the wall is a lot slower than all of the others...and the part where he is running for the door at the end, needs speeding up to match the general speed of his run throughout the shot.

    I understand the hand weighting issue and am still working on that. Would you think it would be more appropriate to tuck his hand away when he leans out from the wall?

  8. Hmm, maybe it just looks a little quick because of the angle he's running round the corner. I'd still like to see a cheeky hand trailing behind him.
    I quite the like leaning arm for when he re-appears. I think one or both them need to do a little something while they're looking though. They're both very static at the moment, perhaps just a slight lean, or one of them could glance at the other one.