Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Hey guys. Just looking for a little feedback on this shot I posted previously. Trying to make it a little more interesting rather than just a walk cycle, although I do kind of like it. I've included the perspective and the cam's view so you can see what's going on. Looks okay from the perspective view but not so great through the cam. Anyway, this is just an idea for now so would be great to hear what you think.


  1. A test with weetwo included would be easier to comment on fully, but I think this does work better than the old walk. Not a big fan of the shot finishing with his crotch in my face though, either have him bounce crazy high and have his feet there, or dial him back a little and have it finish on his face/mouth like last time.

    You have nice extremes on the legs, and the back is headed in the right direction, but you should really push his curved extreme poses for the spine. Make him a nice big C shape.

  2. I think I like the walk better, just for ease of reading the scene. This might be a bit too noisy for the length of the scene.

  3. Yeah I agree with you John...although...with DeeTree being the focus in this shot I think it would work if we slowed it down a little. Ah its one to debate with we will have to decide quickly.