Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Comping Progress

Untitled from daniel Borg on Vimeo.

well this is kinda where we're at right now for comping, most of the shots are rendering and we're trying to find a suitable nuke workflow to getting looking just right. This is far from finalised, because we have some issues with mv3d/2d which is behaving a wee bit oddly on the nuke zblur node. Cg needs proper color correction, proper grain match (we should do this by getting grain samples from the actual camera sensor we used), the whole comp needs a grade to tie together, plus Z-Depth needs just a wee bit more experimantion. Also, we are re-rendering most of the beauty passes again because we discovered something on the shader that removes the harsh black outlines that can be seen in this one, this should at the end also help with light wrap to flatten plate + cg even more.
The compression on the vid is terrible though, colours change quite drastically.


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